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Managerial Accounting


  1. We prepare result sets according to customer needs, e.g .:

cost budgeting; analysis of results broken down by construction, projects, branches, etc., specification of costs by type; analysis of aggregated expenditure on employees.

  1. We prepare any reports tailored to the client's expectations based on the latest BI solutions.
  2. We prepare payment estimates / settlement specifications.
  3. We prepare monthly balance sheets and profit and loss accounts.
  4. We prepare monthly cost calculations.
  5. We offer tax and financial consulting.
  6. We substantively support companies in the field of labor law and personnel administration.
  7. We prepare reports and prepare data analyzes in the field of payroll administration.
  8. We prepare annual financial statements covering:
    • balance,
    • Profit and Loss Account,
    • Cash Flow,
    • Statement of changes in equity,
    • additional information and explanations.
  1. We prepare management reports on operations with analysis:
    • financial standing,
    • debt and debt service,
    • financial liquidity including the Cash flow account,
    • income and profitability.
  1. We prepare CSO reports - we support the CSO website regarding employment reports.
  2. We prepare CSO reports in accordance with the requirements of this authority in the field of accounting reports, and all others if the company is selected by the CSO for examination (we support the CSO website).
  3. We prepare PFRON reports - we support the PFRON website.