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Financial and tax accounting

financial accounting Achieve your company's intended goals Focus on running and developing your business Save time when dealing with Tax Office and Social Security ACCOUNTING AND TAX AREA


  1. We develop and prepare an accounting policy with a corporate chart of accounts adapted to the company's information and reporting needs, including:
    • we set the level of detail for cost grouping,
    • we choose the option of recording and settling costs,
    • we set the scope of analytical records,
    • we set methods for valuation of assets and liabilities,
    • we set the materiality threshold in choosing acceptable simplifications,
    • we set up inventory procedures,
    • we create a document flow organization scheme.
  1. We keep full or variable costs, calculations.
  2. We set methods for measuring revenues and costs from long-term contracts.
  3. We select valuation methods for trade in goods.
  4. We keep accounting books (current entries of documents into the system).
  5. We keep records of VAT purchases and VAT delivery records, as well as prepare and submit VAT declarations, JPK files and VAT-EU summary declarations.
  6. We keep records of fixed assets, set depreciation rates, and make depreciation write-offs.
  7. We prepare monthly statements of turnover and balances.
  8. We keep an estimate of payments on a regular basis enabling the review of receivables and liabilities with their payment dates (from the earliest to the latest payment dates, updated in accordance with the Customer's needs).
  9. We enable sending documents electronically.
  10. We periodically check the actual state of assets and liabilities by means of inventory, organize and supervise inventories.
  11. We set the financial result at the end of each month.
  12. We calculate income tax advances.
  13. We inform you about the dates and amounts of payment of public law liabilities.
  14. We collect and store accounting evidence and other accounting documentation until the approval of the financial statements for the reporting period.