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HR and payroll


  1. We administer employees' personal files (we prepare, maintain, update and archive personal documentation of employees and former employees).
  2. We draw up documents related to the establishment and termination of an employment relationship.
  3. We keep records and settle employees' working time.
  4. We settle sick leaves.
  5. We set vacation entitlements and keep records related to this.
  6. We enter and update data in the OPTIMA payroll system.
  7. We keep records of mandatory OHS and fire protection training. employees and we ensure that they are up to date.
  8. We remind you about the date of updating employees' medical examinations.
  9. We keep insurance documentation (we register and de-register social and health insurance for employees and their family members) - we support the PŁATNIK program.
  10. We provide services for bailiffs.
  11. We issue documents and certificates required for employees by law.
  12. We archive employee documents in paper and electronic form.
  13. We calculate remuneration for employment relationships and civil law contracts.
  14. We calculate sickness and other social security benefits and we administer benefit documentation.
  15. We generate pay transfers ready for approval at the bank (data export from the accounting program).
  16. We settle domestic and foreign delegations.
  17. We support co-financing of disabled people employed in the company from the PFRON payroll assistance assistance program.
  18. We calculate, prepare and send PFRON settlement declarations.
  19. We support the PPK program.
  20. We prepare ZUS documents.