BDO register for entities introducing products, packaged products and waste management

Lack of entry in the BDO register is subject to an administrative fine from PLN 5.000 to PLN 1.000.000 and the penalty imposed by the court - imprisonment or fine.

From January 01, 2020, companies that generate waste and will not be registered in the BDO register will not be able to transfer this waste to the recipient and issue waste transfer cards in electronic form. The paper waste card will no longer function.

Who must be entered in the BDO register?

The BDO register applies to entrepreneurs who:

  • they generate waste and keep records of this waste,
  • bring products in packaging, vehicles, tires, lubricating oils, batteries or accumulators, electrical and electronic equipment into the territory of the country,
  • produce or import packaging or buy it as part of EU transactions,
  • transport waste or carry out waste trading activities.

ATTENTION!! Entrepreneurs who place plastic bags on the market must also obtain an entry in the register for stores and wholesalers that are subject to the recycling fee for plastic bags. This register is kept by marshals of voivodships at the request of the entrepreneur or ex officio.

Who does not have to have an entry in the BDO register?

Entry in the BDO register shall not include, among others:

  • entrepreneurs who, as part of their activities, generate only municipal waste and are covered by the waste collection system.

ATTENTION!! Waste generated in the social part for employees is municipal waste.

  • companies that will sign a contract for the provision of services in the field of construction, demolition, renovation of facilities, cleaning of tanks or equipment, cleaning, maintenance or repair.

ATTENTION!! Unless the contract for the provision of services provides otherwise, the entity that provides the service will be the waste producer.

  • manufacturing and industrial companies that produce waste listed in Regulation of the Minister of the Environment in quantities not exceeding those indicated in this Regulation,
  • natural persons and organizational units other than entrepreneurs who use waste for their own needs,
  • entities that transport waste they generate,
  • entities having land on which municipal sewage sludge is used for:
    • growing plants for the production of compost,
    • growing crops not intended for consumption and for feed production,
  • entities conducting unprofessional activity in the field of collecting packaging waste and waste in the form of used consumer goods, such as medicines and their packaging.

Check if you need to register with BDO

Obligation to register in BDO - until December 31, 2019

Download the application and statement

IMPORTANT !! If you start a business and are subject to an entry in BDO, you must obtain an entry before starting your business. The voivodship marshal has 30 days from submitting a correct and complete application to enter you in the BDO register.

ATTENTION!! The application should be completed only in those departments which relate to the given industry in which the entrepreneur operates. The application must include:

  • a certified copy of the proof of payment of the registration fee - if the entrepreneur must pay it,
  • a statement on meeting the requirements necessary for entry in the BDO register or a statement on the absence of circumstances resulting in removal from the register, confirming that the data contained in the application are consistent with the facts.

Who must pay the registration fee?

Registration fee applies to entries in BDO for producers, importers and EU buyers of packaging and entrepreneurs who introduce:

  • equipment and authorized representatives,
  • batteries and accumulators,
  • vehicles
  • products in packaging (on the territory of the country),
  • tires (on the territory of the country),
  • lubricating oils (within the territory of the country).

The registration fee is PLN 100 for micro-enterprises and PLN 300 for other entities.

ATTENTION!! A micro-enterprise is an entity which in at least one of the last two financial years has met in total at least two of the following conditions:

  • average annual employment <10 employees,
  • revenues from the sale of goods, products and services and from financial operations for the financial year <2.000.000 euros,
  • total assets at the end of the financial year <EUR 2.000.000.

IMPORTANT !! The registration fee must be renewed every year, by the end of February for the given year.

Where to apply for an entry in the BDO register?

The application should be submitted to the Marshal's Office of the Voivodship competent for the company's headquarters. You can do it by e-mail if you have a qualified signature or through the ePUAP platform:


- enter in the search engine 'Voivodeship Marshal's Office <Your voivodeship>' or

- use the direct link to the page Marshal's Office of the Province Pomeranian.

After selecting the appropriate office, go to "send a letter" and submit the application with the required attachments.

What are the obligations of entities entered in the BDO register?

On the basis of a correctly submitted application, the marshal issues a written certificate with an individual registration number as well as a login and password to the BDO system, where the company will keep records of waste and submit the required reports.

IMPORTANT !! Companies that are subject to a registration fee must place the registration number on documents related to their business, in particular on:

  • VAT invoices,
  • fiscal receipts,
  • purchase and sale contracts,
  • reports, transfer cards and waste records.